Casting Your Burden

Out Of OrderOne of the ways that we all show a lack of faith is by worrying. I have been the queen of worry! I can vividly imagine how terrible a situation will turn out.

I don’t just imagine it, I feel it, see it, and smell it. It’s as real to me as the next breath I take. As a child, I watched the adults around me worry about everything.

They would work themselves up, talking about all the terrible possibilities. Sleepless nights ensued; stomach aches, headaches, you name it, were all manifested by a vivid negative imagination.

And was it worth it?

Nearly every single time, the horrible situation did not occur. The relief was palpable. In one instance, I remember my mother was quite sure she was going to be fired from her job. She was excellent at anything she put her mind to.

Employers were always pleased with her work. But for some reason, she was sure she was going to be let go. Instead, she was congratulated on a job well done and given a raise!

She was floored.

The Root Of Worry

Worry has so much more to do with one’s own self-esteem than it does with the actual situation we’re presented with. We give worry so much power that we can’t find our own!

Imagine if you had been taught to get very quiet and to think of how you would like the situation to resolve.

Imagine if you had been taught to believe–really believe–in a power greater than yourself that would help you.

As humans, it is so much easier to worry or become fearful than it is to have faith.

It takes a conscious act of will to:

  • imagine a positive outcome
  • to see in your mind the situation resolved peacefully and easily
  • to feel how good it is to get the matter resolved for all involved

Your mind has been trained to imagine the worst possibility. Sometimes it’s like you’re stuck in a bad dream, like restaurant hood cleaning in Las Vegas. 

Your mind has you up to your neck in greasy, sticky, negative thoughts, that just don’t seem to ever clean up.

The key is learning to imagine a peaceful, positive outcome is to break your addiction to negativity!

Yes, consider that worry is actually an addiction.

Because it is.

One of my favorite affirmations for worry comes from Florence Shinn.

“I cast this burden of lack on the Christ within and I go free to have plenty.”

You can change it to say, I cast this burden of worry on the Christ within and I go free to have peace. Really, you can change it up any way you like.

What’s important to know is this:

  • Worry is an addiction.
  • You have to exercise new muscles of faith and let the old fearful ones atrophy.
  • Be kind to yourself.

Then let the Universe work its magic. Relaxing into the compassion of the Universe is a lot like letting someone else do the driving for you, while you sit back in complete comfort, secure in the knowledge that you are cared for.Isolated portrait of a beautiful female with a big red heart in hands, sensual woman on white background, cute girl face expressing positivity, conceptual image of health care and love

When you begin to allow yourself to imagine a positive outcome, you break the bonds of old, deep conditioning.

And reward yourself for doing so! What fun would it be to actually let someone else chauffeur you to an event?

Talk about replacing old programming! Rent a limo for a special event. Then soak up everything about the experience. From the chauffeur’s tux and tails, to the leather seats, the friends you share the experience with–all of it!

Then the next time you worry, bring up this experience and let the worry go. What an incredible way to release old programming and embed new, positive feelings to guide you through a tough time.

Here’s Grant Cardone talking about pursuing your purpose by taking positive action. He should know. He’s the master of it!

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